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Adv. Geosci., 23, 47-55, 2010
© Author(s) 2010. This work is distributed under
the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
18 Mar 2010
High-impact floods and flash floods in Mediterranean countries: the FLASH preliminary database
M. C. Llasat1, M. Llasat-Botija1, M. A. Prat1, F. Porcú2, C. Price3, A. Mugnai4, K. Lagouvardos5, V. Kotroni5, D. Katsanos5, S. Michaelides6, Y. Yair7, K. Savvidou6, and K. Nicolaides6 1Department of Astronomy and Meteorology, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
2Department of Atmospheric Physics, University of Ferrara, Ferrara, Italy
3Department of Geophysics and Planetary Science, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel
4Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, National Research Council, Roma, Italy
5Institute of Environmental Research and Sustainable Development, National Observatory of Athens, Athens, Greece
6Meteorological Service, Nicosia, Cyprus
7Department of Life and Natural Sciences, The Open University of Israel, Ra'Anana, Israel
Abstract. This paper contains a preliminary analysis of flood risk in Mediterranean countries, conducted within the framework of the FLASH European Project. All flood events recorded between 1990 and 2006 in the Mediterranean region have been included in the study. Results of previous international projects (STORM, SPHERE, AMPHORE, RINAMED and MEDEX), as well as information provided by FLASH Project partners and data included in scientific papers were the main source used in building this database. All the above information had been dispersed in various places, and an attempt was made here to create, for the first time, a verified and complete single database for the entire Mediterranean region. The work analyses the spatial and temporal distribution of flood events, as well as their social impact, with special attention to certain case studies that have been analysed in detail.

Citation: Llasat, M. C., Llasat-Botija, M., Prat, M. A., Porcú, F., Price, C., Mugnai, A., Lagouvardos, K., Kotroni, V., Katsanos, D., Michaelides, S., Yair, Y., Savvidou, K., and Nicolaides, K.: High-impact floods and flash floods in Mediterranean countries: the FLASH preliminary database, Adv. Geosci., 23, 47-55,, 2010.